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Day I love you in a knight's tale

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     ometime between 11am and 11:30am, after a phone call from your chauffeur, you will be picked up from your hotel/accommodation by an exceptional 1955 Citroën Traction.

You will go to the vehicle and will leave Paris to get to the department of Seine-et-Marne and an ancient equestrian farm, not far from Fontainebleau. There, you will be welcomed by a lackey wearing 18th century dresses. You will be invited by the man to climb aboard an elegant horse-drawn carriage.

At instigation of the coachman, wearing also 18th century dresses, the horses will pull the carriage to begin the descent of a long path, their shod hoofs flapping on the pavements. Crossing through the Graville forest, completely privatized for the occasion, you will follow the road which Henri IV took, in the 16th century, with his ladies, when he wanted to reach the Graville castle...

A couple of minutes later, you will meet, on the edges of an alley, a very strange man, a 18th century farmer making big signs to you. The man will approach to your harness and will announce the arrival of a mysterious messenger... When suddenly, a black dressed bandit will pop up from the foliages! While seeing the bandit, the farmer, totally frantic, will run away. But, from his horse, the bandit will pursue the farmer, will catch him up and will knock him down, promising him a terrible punishment because of the good news he announced to you.

Screaming for help, the farmer will draw the attention of a knight, the famous messenger who, arriving at full gallop, was precisely going to the Graville castle to meet you there. Rapier and leather sheath around the waist, the gentleman will rescue the farmer and, from his horse, will bring his sword to challenge the bandit. Dodges and knocks will enchain in a wild rhythm! The virulence of the duel will finally make the two men fall on the ground. The messenger, on the ground, will nevertheless try to continue the fight, but the bandit will get the upper hand and will beat his opponent...

It is at that precise moment that the farmer will be back, a wooden stick in the hand. With boldness and courage, the farmer will take part in the fight and, in a totally unexpected way, will succeed in beating the bandit! Beaten and made a fool, the bandit will run away, staggering and cursing with the laughs of the providential rescuer. Helped by the farmer, the gentleman will get up and, as a real and noble messenger, will bow to your beloved to give her/him the mysterious object of his mission: a parchment revealing your declaration of love! Your partner, savoring the marvellous denouement, will be left speechless! Then, the horse will rear up and the knight will run away at full gallop, while the farmer will disappear in the foliages...

You will end up your epic adventure by stopping in the gardens of the Graville castle, where an elegant table will be laid out for a picnic. Discovering the contents of your lunch in a wicker basket, you will savor a "pâté maison", sausage, Poilâne bread, butter, gherkins, refined cheeses, fruits, macaroons, fruit juices, tea, coffee and champagne...

Order a marriage proposal
Price of the scenario: 9990 €
Scenario having an average duration of 4 hours, including transport, with pick up from your hotel or accommodation between 11am and 11:30am.


Included in the scenario:

The round trip in a Citroën Traction from your hotel/accommodation (Paris/neighboring towns) to the Graville forest.

The privatization of the Graville forest.

The 45 minutes stroll in carriage with a coachman and a lackey wearing 18th century dresses.

The twenty minutes performance of three stuntmen wearing 18th century dresses (farmer, bandit and gentleman).

The parchment with the message of your choice handwritten by a professional calligrapher (antique paper sealed with wax).

The picnic with champagne in the gardens of the Graville castle.

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