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Day I love you in a movie theater

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     t midday, accompanied with a friend, your loved one will get to a movie theater located in the beautiful Quartier latin district.

Your sweetheart and her/his friend will seat in the middle of the cinema, noticing that several people are already seated in the front rows seats. The lighting will be dimmed, and the classical movie trailers and commercial advertising shorts will appear on the screen.

A little later, the feature film will begin. Except that the main actor who will appear to the screen will be... you! Your beloved will be left absolutely speechless! The short film will show you getting ready at home, wearing an elegant suit, going at a florist shop to buy a bouquet of red roses, and stopping at a Parisian jewellery shop to choose an engagement ring... A musical animated sequence both dynamic and funny!

Then, your loved one will see you, still on the cinema screen, going to a movie theater of which she/he will recognize the façade, the box office, the hall getting to the projection room, the door... At the same moment, you will suddenly appear in the theater, like if the magic of cinema was turning to reality! Your arrival will take her/his breath away! You will get closer to your sweetheart, a bouquet of roses in hand, and will declare your love, while the spectators seated in the front rows seats will turn around to attend the scene... Your loved one will then recognize parents and friends! The surprising moment will be captured by a hidden camera. As an apotheosis, you will be served a glass of champagne, and, when you will wish it, you will leave the cinema to get to one of the many romantic restarurants available in the Quartier latin area.

Order a marriage proposal in a movie theater
Price of the scenario: 2990 €
Scenario having an average duration of 5 hours, including the shooting of the short film shown in the movie theater.


Included in the scenario:

The shooting and video editing of a short film in which you will perform.

The privatization of a movie theater room for an approximate duration of one hour and the projection of the short film.

The bouquet of roses and the bottle of champagne.

The video capture of the surprise in the movie theater room, the video editing, and the shipment of the DVD to your home address.

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