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Day I love you in Space

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     rom the american continent, a translucent strip displaying your photo and your personalized message of love will be fixed to a weather balloon and released, in the sky, by professionals operating in the space exploration area.

The set will be supplied with a video capture equipment which will film the message and the surrounding scenery during the whole flight, from the launch to the arrival in Space!

After two or three hours, the message of love will arrive at an altitude of 30 kilometers, and the last footage will be shot with the wonderful blue planet in the background. The handsome sight will totally amaze and dazzle your beloved when she/he will watch the footage!!!

Then, at an attitude of 20 to 40 kilometers, the balloon will finally blow up. A parachute will open and the video equipment will fall back to Earth. The footage will be recovered and a montage will be edited. The DVD of the extraordinary Space flight of your message will then be sent to your home address, so you can show the astounding film to your sweetheart. No matter if your loved one watches the film at cinema, in your living-room, or in a limousine, you can be pretty sure that she/he will be totally astonished by what she/he will see!!! On the billions of humans who populate and populated Earth from thousands of years, you will be only a few having expressed one's love in Space!

Order a marriage proposal in Space
Price of the scenario: 4990 €
Please e-mail us the photo and the message to display on the strip.


Included in the scenario:

The launch, in the stratosphere, of a translucent strip displaying your photo and your personalized message.

The video capture of the flight, the video editing, and the shipment of the DVD to your home address.

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