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Nicolas Garreau

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         Since 2006, ApoteoSurprise helps men to surprise their loved one during a romantic getaway in Paris, whether it is for a marriage proposal, a grand romantic gesture, a declaration of love, a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion.

The romance planner ApoteoSurprise is considered, all over the World, as an expert in arranging romantic surprises and memorable marriage proposals.

Graduated with an Aeronautical Engineering degree, I created ApoteoSurprise in light of observations made about the fact that numerous companies, in Paris, were operating in the tourism industry, but absolutely none of them were able to offer all inclusive services dedicated to romantic experiences and marriage proposal planning. Paradoxically, Paris is often regarded as the most romantic city in the world...

During my teenage years, I was lucky to live 4 years in Venice, Italy, and the so romantic Italian way of life deeply affected my personality. Seing, every weekend, lovers kissing, in a gondola, under the Bridge of Sighs, developed my imagination and, year after year, definitely gave me the desire to amaze the ladies I was in love with. Being very romantic and creative in my personal life, it became obvious, while back in Paris a few years later, that I wanted to share my experience with men who are looking for unique ideas to amaze their sweetheart too.

A meaningful statistic: 80% of women were disappointed with how they were proposed! Conducting field research a few months, I effectively noticed how helpless men can be when they are planning to pop the question in the City of Love. Beautiful Paris is the ideal place for a proposal or a romantic experience, but only a few people know what to do, how to do, and where to go to live a moment both unique, enchanting and magical...

A marriage proposal in a restaurant during a boozy dinner, « that's good for friends », but only a few women are satisfied with such a common choice. The disillusion is the same when the engagement ring is hidden in a floury cake, a chocolate egg, or a glass of champagne... In that last situation – the statistic is real! –, one woman out of five swallows the ring! And what to say about a wedding proposal done in the presence of the family or subfamily, in middle of a concert, with a ridiculous poem, in a karaoke bar, with a bed sheet banner, or during a sporting event... Women hate that!

For the organization of your marriage proposal or of a dreaming surprise, I rather suggest you to call on the services of a recognized romance expert.

For you, I created 30 romantic scenarios genuine fairy tales all based on the same principle: to dazzle your loved one! Only you will know the secrets of the scenario. Concretely, your partner will never figure out that you called on the services of a proposal specialist. The only one who will appear to be incredibly romantic, thoughtful and creative, in the eyes of your sweetheart, will be YOU.

One of my secrets is to know how to create, for each scenario, an emotional peak, a knowledge I notably gained by working with psycho-physiologists specialized in love relationships. By establishing specific conditions, this peak of emotion comes over you at the ideal moment – not too early, nor too late –, and is the occasion, for you, to express your love with panache and elegance. To induce such a peak, each scenario must include 3 emotional stages: a suspense stage, which will make your partner excited and a little bit nervous, a romantic stage, which will relieve, relax and delight your beloved (that's precisely because there is a 1st suspense stage that you will really feel in a world of your own during this 2nd stage), and, finally, the apotheosis, which, at the right time, will offer your sweetheart the surprise of her/his life!

As for my other secrets, subtle and inventive, I keep them for YOUR romantic gesture...

A final information: in 11 years, I planned about 1600 romantic surprises and marriage proposals, most of them for VIP (actors, singers, sportsmen, TV hosts, politicians, etc.) who came from all over the World to express their love in Paris. So, if you want, as well, to get out of my experience and my expertise, I highly suggest you, right now, to open my enchanting catalogue.

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And for any question or any request, please contact me directly by e-mail at or by phone at 0033 1 60 54 18 61.

« I promise that the memories of your amazing Parisian surprise will last a lifetime! »


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Nicolas Garreau Since 2006, ApoteoSurprise helps lovers from all over the World to express their love and to amaze their sweetheart in Paris. As of today, ApoteoSurprise planned more than 1600 marriage proposals... [ Find out more ]
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