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Will you marry me?

Ready to Propose in Paris? Fantastic, she will say "OUI"!


Whether it's in a limousine with a message appearing at the Eiffel Tower, aboard Cinderella's carriage with its magic slipper, under a rain of 1000 roses during a dinner cruise, with the Phantom of the Opera, or even during a space trip around the Moon, our romance expertise will make sure your future fiancée gets the surprise of her life!

A unique Paris Engagement that will leave her breathless!

Relax and enjoy the most POWERFUL moment of your love life. We have created 30 romantic, all-inclusive proposal packages that will allow you to get engaged in Paris as if taken straight out of a fairytale...

Will you marry me?
Nicolas Garreau

Our mission: help men from all over the world propose in Paris with elegance, creativity and a touch of whimsy.

Our experience: over 2000 surprise marriage proposals planned in Paris since we pioneered the concept in 2006!

ApoteoSurprise is globally recognized worldwide as the premier marriage proposal planner.

Over the course of 17 years, media outlets from more than 130 countries have covered our spectacular proposals, resulting in approximately 2,000 news articles, radio interviews, and TV reports!

The Australian
Los Angeles Times
El Mundo
Marriage proposal on Pont Alexandre III

How to do your Marriage Proposal in Paris?


You are madly in love, and - you know it - she's the woman of your life! You are now ready to offer her in Paris a memorable marriage proposal, to let her taste the flowery flavors of the most moving event of her existence. But where to start? How to find the most romantic and exclusive hidden gems of the City of Love? How to obtain the necessary permissions to make the impossible possible and soar hand in hand until you reach for the stars?

To succeed in your wedding proposal in Paris, there's already one certainty: forget about social media! Have you seen all those trendy photos online, where a portable and foldable set is placed here and there for you so you get down on one knee, take out your ring, and strike a pose in front of a photographer? It's a common (BIG) mistake, made in the past two or three years, by men who think more about snapshots than the magic of the moment, who focus on self-promotion rather than filling their beloved's heart with emotion... A romantic and surprise wedding engagement is NOT a photo shoot or an Instagram filter! 

For an original and thrilling staging, tinged with love's shivers, you absolutely need to create a true emotional roller coaster and be on cloud nine when you ask for her hand.


Your surprise marriage proposal should not come out of nowhere, it should not be too abrupt and sudden. A prior romantic setup is essential to reach your cloud, and this is often achieved over a certain duration (from 30 minutes to a few hours): this is what we call a scenario.


A fantastic Paris Engagement experience!


Since 2006, our agency has been specializing in organizing surprise proposals in Paris. We take great pride in pioneering this expertise, which has since inspired dozens of entrepreneurs worldwide.


Our unique concept revolves around turnkey incredible scenarios, where every detail has been meticulously planned to transform your expectations into a magical reality.


As a luxury-oriented marriage proposal planner in Paris, we collaborate with top-notch service providers and enchanting venues and spots to ensure an exceptional experience.

Marriage proposal while showered by 1000 roses

30 Romantic Ideas for your surprise Paris Proposal!


With nearly two decades of experience, we have had the privilege of organizing in Paris the most spectacular declarations of love in recent years. 

Our exclusive collection of 30 romantic proposal packages is the epitome of intensity and memorability when it comes to marriage proposals. Each idea has been carefully selected, crafted, and developed to capture the essence of love and create a unique odyssey.


As a result of our countless research in pursuit of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring marriage proposal, we have recently collaborated with a renowned American company to create a scenario that will allow the luckiest and wealthiest lovers to pop the question during a space voyage around the Moon, starting in 2027!

But even without waiting for 2027, and while staying in Paris, you can already reach for the sky and dazzle your beloved with a thousand lights. Regardless of the proposal you choose from our selection of 30 options, our team will be there to ensure that every moment you share as a couple is perfect.

To grasp the power of our arrangements, we invite you to watch videos of our Limousine, Cinderella, Cinema, or Rain of 1000 Roses proposal experiences: when women are proposed, in a delicate and graceful gesture, they slightly step back and bring their hands to their mouths, their eyes filled with tears. You can't imagine how their beauty, at that precise moment, is enhanced by love!

Tearful woman moved with joy
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