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Since 2006 – 17 years already! –, ApoteoSurprise helps men from all over the world to pop the question in Paris with both elegance and creativity, so well that our company is considered worldwide as the leading marriage proposal planner and the Paris romance authority.

Nicolas Garreau

Graduated with an Aeronautical Engineering degree, I created ApoteoSurprise from the simple fact that no service, in the world, existed to help men to plan their marriage proposal, notwithstanding one of the most important moments of a lifetime.


During my teenage years, I was lucky to live 4 years in Venice, Italy, and this romantic Italian city deeply affected my personality. Seeing, every week-end, couples on a gondola kissing under the Bridge of Sighs, developed my imagination and, year after year, definitely gave me the desire to amaze the ladies I was in love with.


Being very romantic and creative from my first relationships, it became obvious to me, a few years later, to put my romance skills to good use and to help men to really dazzle their sweetheart like in a fairy tale.

A meaningful statistic: 80% of women said that they were disappointed with their marriage proposal! Conducting studies and research a few months, I indeed noticed how helpless men are when they are planning to pop the question, especially when they are in a country they don't know. Paris is the perfect place to propose, but only a few people know what to do, how to do and where to go for an enchanting and magical Paris proposal.


Paradoxically, marriage proposal is, for most women, the realization of the Prince Charming dream they have, even unconsciously, from their childhood. For a lady, things are simple: if Prince Charming doesn't come the day of her marriage proposal, he will never come! So, don't you think Paris is the perfect place to make Prince Charming appear?


year of creation of ApoteoSurprise


number of magical proposal packages offered by ApoteoSurprise


number of marriage proposals planned in Paris by ApoteoSurprise


number of countries worldwide whose media talk about ApoteoSurprise


in km, altitude at which the first marriage proposal in space in History was planned by ApoteoSurprise

A marriage proposal at restaurant during a boozy dinner, « it's OK for friends », but only a few women are satisfied with such a common proposal. The disappointment is the same when the engagement ring is hidden in a mealy cake, a chocolate egg, or a glass of champagne: in that last case – the statistic is real! –, one woman out of five swallows the ring! And what to say about a marriage proposal done in the presence of the partner's family, in middle of a concert, with a ridiculous poem, in a karaoke bar, with a bed sheet banner, with a flash mob, or during a sporting event: that's simple, women hate that!

To plan your marriage proposal in Paris, I suggest instead to hire the services of a recognized romance and proposal expert.

For you, I created 30 all-inclusive proposal packages all based on the same principle: dazzling your beloved and taking her breath away! You alone will know the secrets of the proposal. Concretely, your partner will never figure out that you called upon a marriage proposal planner in Paris. Every detail is studied and elaborated so that YOU take the credit of the perfect proposal!


percentage of women disappointed by their marriage proposal when their partner planned it all by himself

7 out of 10

number of men saying that they are scared about the idea of proposing, judging that « more terrifying than swimming with sharks »

1 out of 5

number of women swallowing the engagement ring when their partner drops the ring in a glass of champagne 


in ms, period of time enough to fall in love (the classic love at the first sight) according to recent scientific research

intensity of emotions felt by lovers whose marriage proposal was planned by ApoteoSurprise

One of my secrets is to know how to create, for each proposal, an emotional peak, a knowledge I particularly developed by working in the earlier stages with relationship psychotherapists. By a specific conditioning, this peak arrives at the right time: not too early, because magic must set in, nor too late, because euphoria must not have had time to come down.


This moment out of time is the perfect opportunity, for you, to propose to your sweetheart with panache and elegance!


To induce such a peak, each proposal must include 3 emotional stages: a SUSPENSE STAGE, that destabilizes your partner in the face of the unknown, a ROMANTIC STAGE, that make her feel relax, lower her guards and totally divert her attention (that's precisely because there is a 1st suspense stage that a kind of "romantic bubble" is created during this 2nd stage), and, finally, the APOTHEOSIS, that, at the right time, offers your princess an avalanche of emotions worthy of the most romantic fairy tales!


As for my other secrets, subtle and inventive, I keep them for YOUR marriage proposal...

Marriage proposal with a giant red rose

In 17 years of activity, I planned more than 2000 marriage proposals, including dozens for VIP (heads of states, actors, Russian billionaires, American actors, TV hosts, internationally renowned singers, sportsmen, soccer players and Olympic medalists, etc.) who came from all over the world to propose in Paris. 

So, if you too wish to benefit from my experience and my expertise, I invite you to look at my enchanting catalog.

And for any question, please feel free to contact me directly by e-mail at or by phone at 0033 6 03 15 37 06.

« I promise that the memories from your Paris proposal will last forever, and even more! »

Nicolas Garreau

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