Marriage proposal like Cinderella
Marriage proposal like Cinderella

Marriage proposal like Cinderella
Marriage proposal like Cinderella

Marriage proposal like Cinderella
Marriage proposal like Cinderella

Marriage proposal like Cinderella
Marriage proposal like Cinderella




At 7pm, while you walk on Place Vendôme, you will suddenly see appearing, as if by magic, an outstanding coach beautifully glittering: the AUTHENTIC Cinderella's carriage!

Pulled by a majestic white horse, the horse-drawn vehicle will stop near you and a coachman wearing a frock coat and a non-collapsible top hat will greet you before coming close to you with a luxury box. The man will take off the box lid and – surprise! – you will see a charming chocolate shoe. The coachman will then specify that if the shoe size fits to your beloved, it's a sure sign that she is the one, the princess you were looking for. Your sweetheart will turn over the shoe and will notice, engraved on the chocolate sole, a number... HER shoe size number! The fairy tale imagined by Charles Perrault will then come true...


The princess being the good one, you will be invited to board the carriage, while the coach driver open, to celebrate the magical moment, a bottle of champagne. In the meantime, your beloved will enjoy a delectable macaroon and will get a bouquet of roses. Ready for a dream?  The coachman will crack a whip and the carriage will start in front of stunned passersby...

To the sound of shod hooves clopping on the pavements, you will enjoy one hour of a very romantic tour in the heart of historic Paris: Champs-Élysées, Pont Alexandre III (great spot to propose), rue de Rivoli, place de la Concorde and avenue Montaigne. An experience out of time!


The prestigious ride will end at the edge of the Pont d'Iéna, at the precise moment when the Eiffel Tower sparkles. You will then do your marriage proposal, before the eyes of touched passersby. This is it! Your beloved will have become a princess, and you... a prince charming!

You will share a last kiss and will alight from the carriage. You will then climb down some stairs and walk along the Seine to get to a luxurious boat. On the program: a dinner-cruise whose voluptuousness will make you rise, in the prolongation of the Cinderella ride, to the height of the romanticism. Ideally settled at the head of the boat, in the VIP area offering a panoramic view on the most beautiful sights of Paris, you will enjoy a tasty dinner: amuse-bouche, crabmeat with avocado purée, creamy white wine sauce and puffed quinoa and lime, veal rump with potato gnocchi, girolles, soft apricots and arugula jus, cheeses matured by a master cheese master, and concerto chocolat with raspberry coulis. As a perfect pairing, you will taste a champagne glass, a Macon Villages and a Saint Estèphe Marquis Prestige.

As an option: the real glass slipper of Cinderella (the exact replica, and in crystal, of the glass slipper seen in the Disney movie), personalized with the quote "Princess + first name" engraved into the glass, is available for an extra 490 €.


The menu is indicative and may be subject to change.


Price of the package: 1990 euros


Experience having an average duration of 4 hours, with a departure from Place Vendôme at 7pm.

Included in the package:

  • The one hour tour in Cinderella's carriage.

  • The bouquet of roses, the box of Ladurée macaroons, the bottle of champagne, and the chocolate shoe created and personalized by a Parisian chocolatier.

  • The dinner cruise in VIP service, with amuse-bouche, first course, main course, cheese, dessert, wine, champagne and coffee.

  • The souvenir photo taken during the cruise.

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