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Marriage proposal delivery man
Marriage proposal delivery man

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Marriage proposal delivery man
Marriage proposal delivery man

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At the time of your choice, a delivery man will appear at your hotel/accommodation to tell your beloved that he has a special letter for Miss Dugaigneau Randon de La Tour-Girard.

Your partner, naturally – except if named Dugaigneau Randon de La Tour-Girard (!) –, will say to the delivery man that there is no Dugaigneau Randon de La Tour-Girard there, and that he may be mistaken.

​The messenger will then realize the mistake and will set fire to the letter he had to deliver. Wham! In a jiffy, a huge flame will burn the envelope to let appear an elegant red rose! The delivery man will offer the flower to your sweetheart to apologize for the inconvenience, and he will take out from his pocket a deck of cards. Then, the man will ask your partner to choose a card at random, « a secular tradition among the delivery men », so it appears. Your beloved will randomly choose one card, will take it out from the desk and, with stupor, will see, written on the card, your marriage proposal message... She will be left absolutely speechless! 

The magician, discreetly, will disappear, leaving your sweetheart realize what just happened to her...


Price of the package: 290 euros

Included in the package:

  • The magic trick at the address of your choice with the apparition of a red rose and a card displaying the message of your choice.

To book this package

please send an e-mail

with the desired date to


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