Sometime between 10am and 10:30am, after a phone call from your chauffeur, you will be picked up from your hotel/accommodation by a splendid 1935 convertible Bentley MK6 Milord.

You will go to the vehicle and will leave Paris, the hair blowing in the wind, to get to the department of Seine-et-Marne where the car will park on the tarmac of private aerodrome.

Welcomed by two pilots, you will wear a helmet and a special suit and will discover the program that has been reserved for you: a patrol flight aboard two microlights. Your beloved will seat aboard a microlight, and you aboard another one. You will both be installed behind a very experimented pilot. The engines will start up, the microlights will accelerate down the runway and you will take off. Wowww! Mind-blowing!

Getting thrills, you will fly over the Morin valley, looking up to the villages, rivers and forests parading under your feet. Then, twenty minutes later, you will discover the magic kingdom of Disneyland Paris. Flying only 300 meters above the resort, you will turn around the park and will admire all the rides and hotels, organized such a village of lively animated toys...

Leaving Disneyland, in a jovial and euphoric atmosphere, you will do a U-turn to go back to the aerodrome. At that very moment, you will suddenly see a giant banner with your marriage proposal message being towed by a third ultralight! Your beloved will not believe her eyes! You will then be able to share sensations and emotions by communicating thanks to your helmets... Moments absolutely unforgettable!

When back to the aerodrome, you will be served a glass of champagne, whereas a bouquet of roses and a box of gourmet chocolates will be offered to your sweetheart...

Experience depending on weather conditions.

Price of the package: 2490 euros

Included in the package:

  • The round trip in a Bentley MK6 Milord from your hotel/accommodation (Paris/neighboring towns) to the aerodrome.

  • The two 45 minutes flights aboard two microlights.

  • The towing of a banner with the message of your choice by a third microlight.

  • The bouquet of red roses, the box of chocolates and the bottle of champagne.

Experience having an average duration of 4 hours, including transport, with pick up from your hotel or accommodation between 10am and 10:30am.



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