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Marriage proposal with a dove
Marriage proposal with a dove

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Marriage proposal with a dove
Marriage proposal with a dove

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At the time of your choice, a pigeon-fancier will go to your hotel/accommodation to announce your beloved that he has a very special message for her.

Before the gaze or your partner, the man will reveal a white basket from which he will make appear a majestic white dove. Your sweetheart, then, will be invited to remove the piece of paper attached to the leg of the bird. Following the instructions of the pigeon-fancier, she will take the piece of paper, will unroll it and will read, with emotion, the marriage proposal message written on it. An epitome of romance!

Then, your beloved will answer to your love missive by writing her response on another piece of paper that she will roll up to the leg of the lovely animal. With the help of the pigeon-fancier, she will go outside, will take the dove in the hands and, carefully, will release it in the sky. The graceful bird will then fly away towards you with the answer you will be impatiently waiting...

Concretely, the dove will get back to its dovecote, situated in the neighborhood of Paris. Once the dove back, you will receive an SMS – suspense ! – revealing the content of the answer message!


Price of the package: 390 euros

Included in the package:

  • The presentation of a messenger dove at the address of your choice.

  • The dove release assisted by a pigeon-fancier.

  • The sending of the answer message by SMS.

Experience depending on weather conditions.

To book this package

please send an e-mail

with the desired date to


Marriage proposal with a dove
'DOVE' proposal

'DOVE' proposal

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