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In the afternoon, your beloved will embark on a delightful excursion with a trusted friend (your accomplice) to a charming Parisian brasserie.


As she enters, the air will be filled with an electric atmosphere, teeming with approximately thirty other patrons, each engrossed in their own intimate conversations or captivating distractions. Amidst this vibrant tapestry, a solitary figure, lost in contemplation, will savor the slow sip of his coffee. Colleagues will engage in animated discourse about their workday, their passion resonating in their voices. A couple, side by side, will intertwine their fingers and exchange knowing glances, silently communicating their affection. Laughter will erupt from a group of friends, painting the air with uncontainable joy. A suave businessperson, adorned in impeccable attire, will exude confidence while engaged in a phone conversation. An elegant woman, engrossed in a novel, will conceal a discreet smile as she navigates its enchanting pages. Two elderly individuals, hands gently clasped, will tenderly share a sweet dessert, their love enduring the test of time. A focused student will feverishly type away on their laptop, driven by the pursuit of knowledge. Tourists will engage in lively conversation, exchanging impressions as they pore over a map of the city. An artist, immersed in solitude, will sketch captivating images upon the pages of a sketchbook, each stroke an expression of their inner world. And amidst this symphony of life, a couple deeply in love will steal a fleeting kiss, their whispered words of affection floating delicately in the air. Meanwhile, music videos will grace the television screen of the brasserie, infusing the ambiance with rhythm and allure.


After approximately twenty minutes, your beloved may discern the familiar melody of the song that has etched itself into the tapestry of your shared love story, or perhaps her perceptive friend will draw her attention to its serendipitous presence. However, before she has the chance to fully immerse herself in its sentimental embrace, an extraordinary phenomenon will unfold. In an instant, the image on the screen will freeze, and the harmonious melody will cease its melodic journey. Yet, it will not only be the television that succumbs to this eerie stillness; the entire brasserie will be engulfed in a surreal suspension of time. Expressions, gestures, and emotions will be captured in a mesmerizing tableau, as if extracted from a painter's dream.


A man, his fingers poised on his phone, will be arrested in mid-typing, his thoughts suspended in limbo. A group of friends, their glasses raised in a toast, will remain frozen in celebration, forever locked in a moment of shared mirth. A person enveloped in laughter will forever wear a joyous smile, their unrestrained merriment preserved eternally. A couple on the brink of a tender kiss will be forever held in an impassioned embrace, their love immortalized in an intimate tableau. An artist's pencil, hovering just above the canvas, will embody the suspended potential of creation. A woman, ready to settle her bill, will be ensnared in a frozen transaction, her hand forever extended, clutching her wallet. And even your beloved's friend, immobile and unblinking, will stand as a testament to the inexplicable!


Intrigued by this enchanting enigma, your beloved will rise, her curiosity as palpable as the suspended scene before her. Her gaze will dance across the frozen panorama, curiosity mingling with wonder as she attempts to decipher the enigmatic spectacle unfolding before her. Is it a dream, a mirage, or a stroke of otherworldly magic? As her thoughts dance on the precipice of understanding, you will emerge from the depths of the room, a bouquet of roses cradled in your hands, a radiant presence amid the static tableau!

With grace and purpose, you will navigate the frozen expanse, moving between the tables and the statuesque patrons, each step a testament to your unwavering determination. As you approach your beloved, a profound solemnity will befall you. With a gesture filled with reverence and devotion, you will gracefully descend to one knee, presenting the bouquet of roses as an offering. Time itself will seem to hold its breath as you profess your undying love and ask for her hand. And in that transcendent moment, as emotions surge through her, your beloved will respond with an ardent and resounding "yes," sealing your destiny in a symphony of joy! A jubilant explosion of euphoria will ripple through the brasserie, transcending the boundaries of frozen time. Applause and jubilant cheers will cascade from the patrons and servers alike, uniting in a collective celebration of love. Champagne will flow, effervescing in glasses raised high, toasting to a future brimming with love and happiness!


And as if this extraordinary tale were not enough, every moment of this captivating experience will be surreptitiously captured by hidden cameras, adding an unexpected touch of surprise to this cherished memory!

Drawing Engagement Ring

Included in the package:

  • The privatization of a Parisian brasserie for one hour.

  • The performance of thirty actors.

  • The covert filming of the performance with hidden cameras.


Price of the package: 17.900 euros


Experience having an average duration of one hour.

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