Marriage proposal in a limousine
Marriage proposal in a limousine

Marriage proposal in a limousine
Marriage proposal in a limousine

Marriage proposal in a limousine
Marriage proposal in a limousine

Marriage proposal in a limousine
Marriage proposal in a limousine




At the time of your choice, a 9 meters long stretch limousine will be waiting for you at a restaurant (if needed we can suggest you some good places) or at your hotel.

Welcomed by a kind, smiling and elegant chauffeur, you will sit in the limo and enjoy its classy interior: tinted windows, mini-bar with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket, MP3 player, surround speakers, multi-colored fiber optics, neon lights and star ceiling...

While you listen romantic music, you will munch some delicious chocolates from Fauchon and will start, a glass of champagne in the hand, an amazing VIP "Paris by night" limo tour through the most beautiful neighborhoods of Paris: Notre-Dame, Louvre, Opéra, Vendôme, Concorde, Champs-Élysées...

Half an hour later, the limousine will arrive at Eiffel Tower and will stop a moment. The majestic tower, at the same time, will begin to sparkle. A magical moment.


This is it! Whereas your beloved's attention will be diverted by the sparkling tower, your surprise will suddenly be started: in the limo, hundreds of ultra-bright LEDs will gradually light on to make a name appear... the name of your sweetheart! Your partner, then, will forget the Eiffel Tower, her gaze now totally delighted by the spectacular panoramic screen mysteriously appeared. On the magical screen, her name will scroll, blink and will be soon replaced by dozens of red hearts twirling around... Suspense! All of a sudden, your marriage proposal message will be displayed in a flood of light! Your beloved will not believe her eyes! While the interior of the limousine is bathed in music and multicolor lighting, a flood of emotions will rush into both of you...

Once your marriage proposal celebrated, the limousine will leave the Eiffel Tower to pursue its VIP tour and drop you off, a bit later, at the destination of your choice...


Price of the package: 490 euros

Included in the package:

  • The one hour tour in a stretch limousine.

  • The installation, in the limousine, of an ultra-bright panoramic LED board specially created by ApoteoSurprise.

  • The display and animation of the message of your choice on the LED board.

  • The bottle of champagne.

  • The box of chocolates from Fauchon.

Experience having an average duration of one hour, with pick up from a restaurant or from your hotel at the time of your choice.

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