Marriage proposal in Montmartre
Marriage proposal in Montmartre

Marriage proposal in Montmartre
Marriage proposal in Montmartre

Marriage proposal in Montmartre
Marriage proposal in Montmartre

Marriage proposal in Montmartre
Marriage proposal in Montmartre




The big day, at 5pm, you will walk, hand in hand, in the paved alleys of the Sacré-Cœur area.

Leaving the funicular, near the Nadar square, you will be approached by Michel, a portrait artist who will propose to do a pencil drawing of your beloved. Of course, you will accept. Your partner, then, will begin to pose in front of the artist who will smile, hum and brighten up his performance with an ounce of humor.

Once the drawing finished, your sweetheart, intrigued, will notice on the portrait a detail: a key-shaped pendant around her neck. The artist will not go into the details but will only specify that this pendant is the jewel symbolizing, in Montmartre, the key of happiness...

After greeting the artist, you will go back to the pedestrian street. You will cross the charming Place du Tertre, will walk the Rue Norvins, scattered with souvenir shops, and will turn to your right to get to the Rue des Saules. In this peaceful alley, you will rapidly meet, sitting on the sidewalk, a gypsy selling jewels and charms holding extraordinary powers, some of these jewels being supposed to ensure eternal beauty, others giving the guarantee of fortune, and even some promising... love and happiness!

The gypsy – actually an actress mastering the skill of improvisation ! – will call you over and will propose to do a palmistry reading for your partner, an offer you will gladly accept. During a troubling and hopeful palmistry reading, the woman will guess the astrological sign and the favorite color of your sweetheart. Then, she will announce that, among all her jewels, only one is suitable for your beloved: a key-shaped pendant, the very same that the one that appears on the portrait! Discovering the jewel brandished by the fortune-teller, you will act as if you were surprised and you will show her the pencil drawing. By such incredible coincidences, the woman will offer your partner the jewel...

You will leave the gipsy and will go down the Rue des Saules to follow, on your left, the Rue de l'Abreuvoir. There, you will see an enigmatic man running up the street in a panic. The man will regularly be looking around as if he was checking if he is being followed. Then, once up to you, the man will pull a wrapped package out from his jacket and will hand it to your beloved as if he wanted to get rid of it. He will simply whisper to her « this is for you » before disappear just as quickly as he appeared...

Intrigued by all these events, you will stop right by the Maison Rose café in order to find out what does the package contain. Your partner will unpack the package and will discover a padlocked wooden box. The tiny padlock being engraved with the same elements as those of the key-shaped pendant, your sweetheart will make the connection, will put the necklace key in the lock, will open the box, and will see a parchment revealing a message... your marriage proposal message! The surprise will take her breath away!


To celebrate the happy end, a waiter from the Maison Rose café will come to you a few moments later with a bouquet of red roses and two glasses of champagne...


So that your beloved doesn't get suspicious, please foresee 50 euros to pay the portraitist.

Price of the package: 1290 euros

Included in the package:

  • The performance of two costumed actors mastering the skill of improvisation.

  • The pencil drawing of your beloved.

  • The key-shaped pendant and the box.

  • The parchment with the message of your choice handwritten by a professional calligrapher (antique paper sealed with wax).

  • The bouquet of roses and the two glasses of champagne at the Maison Rose café.

Experience having an average duration of 30 minutes, with a meeting of the portraitist at 5pm at the exit of the funicular.

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