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Marriage proposal around the Moon
Marriage proposal around the Moon

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Marriage proposal around the Moon
Marriage proposal around the Moon

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Marriage proposal around the Moon
Marriage proposal around the Moon

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Marriage proposal around the Moon
Marriage proposal around the Moon

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From 2025, you will take off from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida, to live one of the craziest weeks of the history of humankind! Autonomously and alone in the spacecraft, you will travel more than 500,000 kilometers in space during an epic journey to the Moon close to the epochal 1968 Apollo 8 mission. When love and science unite themselves to stage the most amazing and spectacular marriage proposal of these last 13.8 billion years!

After medical exams and a physical condition assessment, you will be assisted and trained for three months by aerospace professionals: cardio training sessions, high-G training in a centrifuge, acclimation to microgravity through a series of parabolic flights on board a Boeing 727, acclimation to high accelerations and speed changes on board a fighter jet flying over Mach 2, complete presentation of the spaceship and of the flight schedule, stress management strategies and emergency simulations.

The big day, with euphoria and excitement, you will reach Cape Canaveral and the launch pad, wearing a space suit ensuring your safety in the event of a cabin depressurization. Strapped to your seats, you'll wait for the countdown.


Attention! Five... four... three... two... one... Ignition! The rocket will take off and you will feel the most intense sensations of your life! With an acceleration of 3G, the first minutes will be challenging, but soon, the first stage of the rocket will separate and the distance covered will already amount in several dozens of kilometers.

The agitation will give way to calm, the vibrations will turn into softness, and the famous tone poem "Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Op 30" by Richard Strauss will be played in your headset just when you feel the first effects of weightlessness! A moment crazy, moving and totally unimaginable!

You will catch sight of the Earth and will be captivated by its absolute beauty and by a harmony of cerulean shades and perfection that only men who traveled in space know. And yet, without you even realizing it, your spacecraft will already be at more than 38,000 kmph!

Hour after hour  but you will lose track of time –, the Moon will look bigger and bigger, and the grayish disk will gradually give way to an opulent sphere from which you will distinguish craters with more and more details.

Nearly three days will have elapsed from the take-off time, and now orbiting around the ash satellite, you will fly over the surface at an altitude of only 200/300 kilometers! The spaceship will slow down and the hidden face of the Moon will appear! For about thirty minutes, all communication with the Earth will become impossible, and now alone in space, you will be ready to propose to your beloved as nobody did before! "Fly me to the Moon" by Frank Sinatra will be played in your headset, and you will pull the engagement ring out of the box that you secretly hid in your suit, while the lunar craters continue to pass under your feet. You will be totally out of touch with the reality!

Once the Moon bypassed, you will see the planet Earth rise on the horizon. The splendid bluish globe will rise behind the grayish summit of some rocky craters, and communications with Cape Canaveral will be re-established. The spacecraft will then take the way back for a few dozen hours during which you will relax and enjoy the last sensations of weightlessness and cosmic tranquility.

At an altitude of about 100 kilometers, the atmospheric density will start to be felt, and the temperature of the heat shield will increase considerably, so that a bright plasma trail will be visible through the portholes. Hold on! Halfway to the stratosphere, deceleration will get close to 5G! But a few minutes later, the parachutes will be deployed and retro-rockets will allow your space capsule to land smoothly. Media from around the world will be there, witnesses of the spectacular way you went down in conquest of space... and conquest of love!


Included in the package:

  • The three months of training and preparations.

  • The lease of the launch pad, the adjoining facilities, the rocket and the propellant.

  • The provision of the necessary staff for the accomplishment of the mission.

Experience having an average duration of one week, with three months of  preliminary training and preparations.

Price of the package: 125.000.000 euros


Experience depending on weather conditions and on the absence of solar eruptions.

To book this package

please send an e-mail

with the desired date to


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