Marriage proposal with a poem
Marriage proposal with a poem

Marriage proposal with a poem
Marriage proposal with a poem

Marriage proposal with a poem
Marriage proposal with a poem

Marriage proposal with a poem
Marriage proposal with a poem




At the end of morning, you will walk, hand in hand, in the alleyways of a contemporary Parisian park, lined by chic neighborhoods, the Seine banks and a vast orangery.

Behind some redwoods, you will see the huge envelope of a big hot air balloon. You will reach it.

Once close to the balloon, you will give your name to the receptionist and will climb absolutely alone into the circular gondola. The pilot will cast off and the panoramic terrace will slowly take off. In absolute silence, you will rise up into the air and will enjoy a 360-degree view which will leave you spellbound.


Driven by the wind, the nacelle will stabilize at 150 meters high. Tens of thousands persons will see you from the streets of Paris... Paris will be yours... Time will stop...

Then, as an illusion, a winged angel will appear and will approach your beloved to ask her to randomly choose one of her magical cards. Your sweetheart, stunned, will accept the proposition and will select one of the cards. The angel will then plunge her hand into her vest and will bring out a silk scarf she will use to delicately blindfold your partner. The winged character will take the card, will get her lips close to your partner's ear, and will begin to whisper the poem written on the card, a poem you can choose in our selection or you can write by yourself.


After a few moments of poetic escape, the poem reading will be punctuated by an irresistible I LOVE YOU that will make a wave of chills assault your sweetheart. Then, a rose will be placed in her hand, the silk scarf will be removed from her head, and while opening her wet eyes, she will see you on a knee for a so romantic marriage proposal... Just magical!

Right after, to celebrate the enchanting proposal in the air, the angel will pour you a glass of champagne...


Experience depending on weather conditions.

Price of the package: 990 euros

Included in the package:

  • The privatization of a hot air balloon during 15 minutes.

  • The performance of an actress reading the poem of your choice. 

  • The red rose and the two glasses of champagne.

Experience having an average duration of 15 minutes, with a flight beginning at 11:45am.

To book this package

please send an e-mail

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