At 8:30 pm, you will go to the Île de la Cité and will follow a romantic alleyway just a few steps away from Notre-Dame de Paris. Hand in hand, you will arrive to a 16th century family house with a facade beautifully covered with grapevine and greenery.

You will enter the house and will immediately dive deep into a hushed setting worthy of the most beautiful French aristocratic dwellings of the French Renaissance. Welcomed by the homeowner, you will be accompanied to the first floor, where you will discover a dinning room finely decorated with candlesticks, precious trinkets and antique furniture. With a nice view of the towers of Notre-Dame, you will sit sown at a table elegantly bedecked with chiseled vintage wine glasses and silver cutlery.

In a cozy and romantic atmosphere, you will enjoy an Opéra royal kir before savoring delicious dishes coming from the best farms of the department of Aveyron: a seven vegetables farçou, fried foie gras with warm slices of French bread, stuffed scallop shells, and duo of duck breast with a Coufidou d'Aubrac cooked in a copper stockpot with wine from Marcillac.

Just before the desserts are served, the waiter will come out again to your table, but this time with a majestic bouquet of red roses. The man will offer the elegant bouquet to your beloved who will immediately see, among the flowers, a mysterious heart-shaped metal box. Your partner, delighted by the delicate attention, will grasp the bouquet and will open the secret box. Into the box: a piece of paper rolled up with a ribbon... She will then unroll the paper and will see a message: your marriage proposal message! Your sweetheart will be spellbound!


A little later, a glass of champagne will be served to you, and you will finally enjoy, as a gourmet apotheosis, a delicious dessert made of chocolate and red fruits...

Price of the package: 390 euros

Included in the package:

  • The dinner for two including royal kir, first course, main course, dessert, wine, champagne and coffee.

  • The bouquet of red roses with a heart-shaped metal box containing your message.

Experience having an average duration of 2 hours, with an arrival at restaurant at 8:30pm.

The menu is indicative and may be subject to change.



101 rue de Sèvres

75006 Paris (France)

0033 6 03 15 37 06

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