At the time of your choice, two troubadours stemming from a Perrault's tale will appear to your hotel/accommodation to give your beloved a musical surprise... Dressed in beautiful sunny outfits, the trouveres will sing a dawn serenade to your partner like the fin'amor bards and poets did it in the Middle Ages (listen an extract). To the sound of a mandolin, both minstrels will ardently pass on your marriage proposal. A lyrical experience that will overwhelm your sweetheart!

« Gente Dame, nous sommes Trouvères, messagers d'un noble Sire qui brûle d'amour pour vous. S'il vous agréé, prêtez votre cœur et votre entendement à cette aubade. »

Price of the package: 790 euros

Included in the package:

  • The personalized dawn serenade by two singers with a mandolin at the address of your choice.



101 rue de Sèvres

75006 Paris (France)

0033 6 03 15 37 06

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