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At a time of your choosing, two troubadours straight out of a Perrault tale will appear at your hotel or accommodation to serenade your beloved with an enchanting musical surprise. These trouveres will be dressed in stunning, radiant outfits, and will perform a dawn serenade for your partner, evoking the same emotions that the fin'amor bards and poets did in the Middle Ages (listen to an excerpt). Accompanied by the delicate strumming of the mandolin, both minstrels will passionately convey your marriage proposal, culminating in a poetic experience that is sure to overwhelm your sweetheart!

« Gente Dame, nous sommes Trouvères, messagers d'un noble Sire qui brûle d'amour pour vous. S'il vous agréé, prêtez votre cœur et votre entendement à cette aubade. »

Drawing Engagement Ring

Included in the package:

  • The personalized dawn serenade by two singers with a mandolin at the address of your choice.


Price of the package: 790 euros

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