Marriage proposal with a violinist
Marriage proposal with a violinist

Marriage proposal with a violinist
Marriage proposal with a violinist

Marriage proposal with a violinist
Marriage proposal with a violinist

Marriage proposal with a violinist
Marriage proposal with a violinist




While you walk through the gardens of the Palais Royal to get to one of the most surprising restaurants in Paris, a violinist and a singer will suddenly appear to play a deeply touching song for your beloved. Whether the artists perform "L'hymne à l'amour" and "La vie en rose" or any other repertoire you will choose, one thing is pretty sure: for your sweetheart, this poetic interlude will be the most emotional surprise of her life! Tears would be there!

At the end of the recital, a rose will be offered to your partner, and you will go, a stone's throw away from the surprise location, to a magical place where time doesn't exist anymore. A secret place for bashful lovers!

You will seat at one of the three only available tables, isolated from the two other ones by a red curtain, and will discover the elegant, cozy and intimate setting of the restaurant: stone walls, floral decoration, and candles giving the dining lounge a soft and romantic atmosphere.

For almost three hours, the chef will give you a gourmet getaway that will make you forget everything you knew before about gastronomy. With a service both generous, cheerful, friendly and elegant, the chef will explain his creative approach and will guide you all along a tasting itinerary that will gradually disconnect you from reality. For example, he will come to you with two slates (your plates) that he will heat, with a blowtorch, to your amazement. Later, with his assistant, he will use a paintbrush to set the sauces in the plates before arranging the dishes in a color harmony worthy of an oil painting by Matisse... A blast of flavors guaranteed at first mouthful!

Stunning fusion of French and Vietnamese gastronomy, with a zest of molecular cuisine, the show that will be given to you will sharpen your sense of taste to a point that you can't even imagine!

The delicacies offered will be only a succession of delights and pleasures: lobster soup with urchin cream that you will sip through a straw, veal ravioli with black truffles flamed with Armagnac, Rossini blue lobster with citrus fruits sprinkled with algae molecular pearls... The other dishes will be a surprise! Seven exceptional wines will be poured all along the theatrical dinner as well as, as an apotheosis, the renowned aphrodisiac infusion whose composition is totally secret...


Price of the package: 1590 euros

Included in the package:

  • The personalized performance of a violinist and a singer playing two songs of your choice.

  • The theatrical gourmet dinner.

Experience having an average duration of 3 hours, with an arrival at the restaurant at 8pm


The menu is indicative and may be subject to change.

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