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A fake delivery man will surprise your beloved to her accommodation with an envelope that will burn to let appear a rose and a message... [more]

290 €

While you dine in a restaurant, a bouquet of roses containing a heart shaped

box will be offered to your

beloved... [more]

390 €

A dove will surprise your beloved to her accommodation or at Trocadéro esplanade to deliver her a very special message... [more]

390 €

A bellboy will surprise your beloved to her accommodation to offer her a bouquet of roses, a bottle of champagne and a mysterious parchment... [more]

390 €

While you enjoy a limo "Paris by night" tour, your message will suddenly appear at Eiffel Tower on an ultra-bright

screen... [more]

490 €

In an elegant restaurant, two opera singers will suddenly appear at your table to sing, for your beloved, a surprising and romantic opera song... [more]

590 €

Two singers will surprise your

beloved to her accommodation

to offer her a love

serenade... [more]

790 €

While you will fly over Paris in a

air-balloon, an angel will suddenly

appear to whisper a poem in your beloved's ear... [more]

990 €

While you will walk in the alleyways

of Montmartre, a few strange

characters will surprise you on

your route... [more]

1290 €

In a Rolls Royce, you will get to an idyllic forest island where a charming chalet lit by candles will be waiting

for you... [more]

1490 €

While you will walk to the most

surprising restaurant of Paris, a

violinist and a singer will suddenly appear... [more]

1590 €

An advertising truck will park in front

of the accommodation of your beloved

to reveal your giant message

of love... [more]

1590 €

In the absence of your beloved, we will transform her living room into a romantic scenary and will prepare a magical candlelight dinner... [more]

1690 €

Cinderella's carriage will appear on

Place Vendôme with a shoe whose magical powers will make you live

a real fairy tale... [more]

1990 €

While you visit the Aquarium de Paris, a scuba diver will appear in a giant tank with a banner displaying your

message of love... [more]

1990 €

In the absence of your beloved, we will transform your bedroom into a world of tenderness, with hundred of balloons

and teddy bears... [more]

2490 €

While you fly over Disneyland Paris aboard an ultralight, a giant banner displaying your message will

cross the sky... [more]

2490 €

While your beloved is in a movie theater, you will appear on the cinema screen a few seconds before suddenly appearing

in the theater... [more]

2990 €

You will take off from the gardens of a prestigious castle and will fly in a hot air balloon to enjoy an outstanding

dinner in the sky... [more]

2990 €

While you fly over Paris, a plane will appear to reveal, on all the length of

its wings, your giant message

of love... [more]

3990 €

While you dine in a castle specially privatized for you, a firework will be started and a giant red heart

will be ablaze... [more]

4990 €

Your message of love and your engagement ring will be sent in the stratosphere, the flight being filmed during the whole flight... [more]

4990 €

While you get to an abbey for a romantic dinner, hundreds of candles will suddenly float in the air to compose

your message... [more]

4990 €

While you dine aboard a private yacht, one thousand roses will suddenly fall from the Pont des Arts to totally cover the

surface of the boat... [more]

5990 €

While you tread on the grass of the Stade de France, your photo and your message will suddenly appear on the

giant screens... [more]

6990 €

While you dine aboard a luxury private yacht, a giant picture with your message will be projected beneath the

Eiffel Tower... [more]

8990 €

While you cross a forest aboard a carriage, a bandit of the 18th century will

suddenly appear to attack

your convoy... [more]

9900 €

While you dine in a palace of the 1001 nights, at  midnight, you will leave your table to join a secret bath lit by

hundreds of candles... [more]

14.900 €

While you lunch in a prestigious manor,

an acrobatic patrol will suddenly

appear to draw a giant heart

in the sky... [more]

19.900 €


You will dive aboard a submersible at a depth of 3800 meters to reach, to the sound of "My Heart Will Go On", the bow of the Titanic... [more]

1.000.000 €

Unbelievable and staggering! From 2022, you will take off from Earth aboard a rocket to fly, three days later,

around the Moon... [more]

125.000.000 €

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