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Connacht Tribune (Ireland)

Amazing marriage proposals on the French Riviera.

ApoteoSurprise, the agency arranging creative marriage proposals and

romantic experiences, is now offering its services to starcrossed lovers vacationing on

the French Riviera via a brand new website From Cannes to Monaco, ApoteoSurprise Riviera offers fifteen romantic scenarios

enabling gentlemen to declare their love in a magical way. The man in love can choose

from an endless variety of possibilities : a dolphin bringing the engagement ring

to his sweetheart, an airplane displaying the marriage proposal on its wings, an

underwater exploration of the Mediterranean sea withthe discovery of a mysterious treasure hiding a message, or a flight in the air while the lover will steal the Moon from the sky to bring it back to his darling. Since 2006, ApoteoSurprise is offering a selection

of over forty romantic surprises in Paris. To name a few : the projection of the marriage proposal under the Eiffel tower, the apparition in the gardens of an abbey of a floating

message composed of hundreds of candels, or even the shower of 1000 red roses during a dinner cruise on the Seine. Thanks to its original concept and its international

clientele, in only three years, ApoteoSurprise has received extensive media coverage in

over 40 countries around the World.

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