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Courier Post (USA)

Wedding plans : only the strong survive.

So I'm totally ready to spend the next year-and-a-half of my life talking non-stop about five hours that aren't going to happen until mid-2008. I'm really fine with this. Seriously.

I always knew wedding planning would be the closest thing to eternal damnation that I'd ever experience. According to a stat I just made up, 82 percent of men branded as "commitment-phobic" are just scared of being involved, in any way, with planning a wedding. I've seen way too many fellow men fall during this experience, and only the bravest among us are willing and able.

By proposing, you're temporarily ceding control of your life. Beforehand, I was in charge. I could decide how, when and where the uber-important proposal would go down.

I was able to choose between proposing in a magazine article (as I did); buying a magic plant that grows a leaf saying "Will you marry me?"; or hiring a company to project the proposal below the Eiffel Tower (

Matt Katz

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