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First ever marriage proposal in Space.

The first marriage proposal in space will take place this Valentine’s Day at an altitude of 30 kilometers.

The 35-year old French man, Sebastian will be proposing to his girlfriend Vanessa, thanks to the services of the French company ApoteoSurprise, a romance expert specialized in planning spectacular marriage proposals in Paris.

For the sum of €4,990 the picture of the couple and the message “Vanessa, will you marry me?” will be attached to a giant helium-filled balloon and released in the sky by professionals operating in the space exploration area.

The space flight will be entirely filmed, from the launch to the arrival of the message of love in the stratosphere.

After two or three hours, the message of love will arrive at an altitude of 30 kilometers, and the last footage shot will be with the planet in the background. The balloon will then blow up and a parachute will open so that the video equipment can fall back to Earth.

The footage recovered will be returned to the man to show to his girlfriend who will become the first woman being proposed in Space.

The scenario package “Say I love you in Space” is a new romantic experience available on, the official launch taking place on February 14, 2013.

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