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Good News (USA)

Write your love on the Eiffel Tower.

Since its launch on Valentine's Day 2006, a French company has arranged creative marriage proposals and public declarations of love for couples planning romantic trips to Paris. The company, ApoteoSurprise, will project an image onto the base of the Eiffel Tower featuring the photo of a bridegroom-to-be, along with a personal proposal, while lovers enjoy a candlelight cruise along the Seine.

Other popular choices for couples include romantic messages displayed, more than 30 meters wide, on the bottom of a castle while lovers fly over in a helicopter or returning to their hotel room after a romantic dinner to find it filled with 150 teddy bears, all dressed in personalized "I love you'" T-shirts.

On the company website, 30 turnkey fairy tale experiences are available, each of them an occasion for tourists to ask for their partner's hand in marriage, commemorate a wedding anniversary, celebrate a honeymoon or simply offer their sweetheart the surprise of a lifetime.

The presentations arranged by ApoteoSurprise concentrate on Paris and the nearby French countryside giving clients from all over the world a way to express their love as only the French can.

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