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Los Angeles Times (USA)

$145 million to pop the question in space? You're kidding, right?

For those space-geek billionaires who’ve already run through the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog of ways to spend on your girlfriend — matching Rolls-Royce limited edition Dawns, for example — here’s a novel way to impress: Propose to her on a round-the-moon flight.

A French company that specializes in marriage proposals in Paris (mais bien sur!) has, apparently, extended its turf to the moon, offering a $145 million voyage to the moon to propose. That includes a launch from Cape Canaveral, a cozy autonomous capsule ride for two toward the lunar surface, and, at just the right moment, the romantic crooning of Frank Sinatra on “Fly Me to the Moon.” Cameras positioned around the capsule will snap photos and save the happy couple from having to selfie themselves as he puts a ring on it.

Landing on the mood is not included. About 125 miles is as close as you’d get.

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