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Request marriage the most craziest in the world.

Starting in 2022 it will be possible to request marriage to fly over the moon and under the sound of the famous song “fly me to the moon” “Fly Me to the Moon” for Frank Sinatra, will make this space flight which will last for one week on board the capsule independent in order to enable lovers of travel alone.

Launches agency ApoteoSurprise, specialized in the organization of bride marriage amazing, the new service is estimated at $ 145 million dollars, will enable the men of the twenty-first century from the hand of the mistress of their drinks to fly around the moon, this is a service that will make saying the ability to win the moon for your beloved reality, the aim of the Agency to the Parisian final through this service is the “submit a request to marry the craziest and most beautiful during the 13.8 billion years”.

Starting from the month of March 2022, can any lover of the wealthy do book this customized service on the site take advantage of the five months later of the following program:

  • Physical training and technique training preliminary for twelve weeks.

  • Quit in the exact day from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

  • Run, on the helmet all the space tourists, the song “Also sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30” by Richard Strauss immediately upon feeling their effects first the implications for the lack of weight.

  • Access to lunar orbit, three days later, with the investigation around the Local star takes on the height of the 300/200 km only.

  • Turn off all communications with earth for about thirty minutes, time to fly through the capsule above the dark side of the moon.

  • Broadcast the song of Frank Sinatra, “fly me to the moon”, when the mid-way flight, orbital, allowing the mistress to submit an application for marriage “episode of marriage hidden inside his suit” away from any other form of life.

  • The spectacular appearance of the Earth from behind the party lunar journey back, for almost four days, before returning to the atmosphere and landing the final.

It will be the path followed by the capsule similar to the functions of Apollo 8’s legendary 1968, will be processed the capsule, which speeds up to 38.000 km/h, the eight cameras to immortalize and forever enter the amazing couple in the history of the conquest of space Conquest date.

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