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The Mid-County Post (USA)

A way to relax over the Holidays.

There's that special time of year, but we're not talking about Christmas. It's the time just after Christmas Day when all the presents are opened, the feast consumed and parties attended. It's the time just before and after the New Year when most folks can take a few days off, catch up with friends, shop for themselves instead of others, relax outdoors or snuggle with a book by the fire. (...) However, if you are a "Damn the economic torpedoes, full speed ahead" type, especially one who is a hopeless romantic, you might spend this holiday break planning for Valentine's Day. A company called ApoteoSurprise is eager to arrange creative marriage proposals and romantic experiences for lovers coming in Paris, things like writing marriage proposals on the wings of an aircraft flying over the Chateau de Versailles, or beaming a message of love at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

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