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The Telegram (Canada)

Cheers & Jeers.

Have you got US$145 million burning a hole in your pocket? A French marriage proposal planner (there are such things?) sent us a news release promising a brave new world for 2022. “The ApoteoSurprise agency, a French marriage proposal planner specialized in creating extravagant proposals, introduces a whole new service for 145 million dollars which will allow 21st century handsome princes to propose while flying around the Moon. Reaching for the Moon in the name of love is about to become a reality, the ultimate goal of the Paris-based agency being to ‘stage the craziest and most outstanding marriage proposal of the last 13.8 billion years.’” Not really sure how this is supposed to be any kind of surprise: you and the prospective partner need to take 12 weeks of technical and physical training before you’re even fit for liftoff. Really want to give someone a surprise? Write out that US$145 million cheque to “Editorial Page Editor, The Telegram” and slip it in a plain brown envelope…

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