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VR Mag (Switzerland)

Say I love you in Paris.

The French capital is the right place to impress your sweety. Check it out how and why.

Overuse the magic formula "I love you", and - at time zero - you'll notice that it has lost any meaning for the counterpart. So said, if you're looking for a new way to revamp this old concept, it's time to look somewhere else. The right address? Paris, of course! So, be ready to pack your luggages to go there, because the atmosphere of the Ville Lumière is the right one to turn your partner head over heels. Among the treasures it offers, among its history at every corner, under the Eiffel Tower, within the atmospheres of Versailles, along Mont Martre's alleys, you'll soon notice that your significant other is holding your hand in a different way. Take her shopping - specially in Place Vendôme or Rue du Fabourg Saint Honoré - try some crêpes while walking and... No, don't be fooled. Expenses aren't over yet. Because, if you're ready for the big step, or if you're ready to give your best in order to reaffirm your love, time has come to contact ApoteoSurprise, and arrange everything.

Just as he says Nicolas Garreau himself - founder of the company - Apoteose is "at your Love's service". Above anyone's fantasy, it even outwits the concept of declaration. After you'll have heard about what ApoteoSurprise is capable of offering, anything else will seem cheap (and well, speaking only about money it surely is...). The message can be delivered in several ways. Within a limo, at the circus, in a spa resort. During a hot air balloon flight or aboard a yacht, cruising along the Seine or even under a shower of petals and roses...

Take it for granted that the result will not be the usual "I love you too, honey". Quite probably, your bien aimée will be speechless for a while...

Danica Gianola

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