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Zululand Observer (South Africa)

Soon you will be able to propose while orbiting the moon.

ApoteoSurprise Paris, a French marriage proposal company, says by March 2022 this will be a reality.

To what depths of your bank account would you sink for the ultimate out of this world marriage proposal?

Well, if you dream of doing so and have approximately €125-million to spare, which roughly equates to R2-billion, you could make this come true.

The ApoteoSurprise ( agency, a French marriage proposal planner specialising in creating extravagant proposals, recently revealed that starting in March 2022 it will be possible to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage while flying over the lunar surface to the sound of Franck Sinatra’s ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.

And while this might sound cheesy, just know that for that price you could buy a million kilograms of Pule – the world’s most expensive cheese – which sells for approximately R16 000 a kilo.

The one-week interplanetary flight will be carried out using a self-contained and autonomous spacecraft allowing the two lovers to travel alone.

The flight plan followed by the space capsule will mirror that of the mythical Apollo 8 mission in 1968.

The spacecraft, travelling at a speed of up to 38 000km/h, will be equipped with eight cameras allowing the couple to immortalise their entry into the history of the conquest of space and the conquest… of love!

Preparing for your trip would see you and your loved one subject to medical exams and physical condition assessments.

You will be further assisted and trained for three months by aerospace professionals – cardio training sessions, high-G training in a centrifuge, acclimation to microgravity through a series of parabolic flights on board a Boeing 727, acclimation to high accelerations and speed changes on board a fighter jet, complete presentation of the spaceship and of the flight schedule, stress management strategies and emergency simulations.

It will take you some three days from take-off before the the hidden face of the moon will appear.

According to ApoteoSurprise all communication with Earth will become impossible for about 30 minutes, and now alone in space, you will be ready to propose to your beloved as nobody did before.

Sinatra’s ‘Fly me to the Moon’ will be played in your headset, and you will pull the engagement ring out of the box that you secretly hid in your suit, while the lunar craters continue to pass under your feet.

Once the moon is bypassed, you will see planet Earth rise on the horizon.

The spacecraft will then return.

Some friendly words of advice: if you plan on embarking on such an extravagant proposal – make sure she knows that – R2-billion for any answer but yes is nothing short of a lunar catastrophe.

Orrin Singh

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